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Who we are

Clean Heat for Arlington MA is a group of volunteer Arlington residents who felt that their skills would be useful in helping their town move forward to a sustainable future.

See if your question about the Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Warrant Article is answered below or in the Fact Sheet. If not, contact us and we’ll get back to you.

Visit the Resources and Citations page to view the data sources and analysis methods behind the facts presented here. We also recommend watching the recording of the February 27 Public Information Session regarding the warrant article.

What is being proposed?

Arlington’s Clean Energy Future Committee (CEFC) has voted unanimously to propose a by-law to prohibit the installation of fossil fuel piping, and oil and gas heating in both new construction and significant rehabilitation projects. Town Meeting Members will vote on the Article beginning November 16, 2020. This warrant article is the successor of a warrant article that had been filed for the May 2020 Town Meeting, and its substance is the same as the old. >>View complete text of Warrant Article 5.

Why is it being proposed?

Cities and towns must begin to reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2050, and to 50% by 2030 to prevent catastrophic global warming. Emissions cannot be lowered if we continue to rely on fossil fuels. To reach these goals, Arlington can act now to begin to decarbonize buildings, which account for approximately 60% of all emissions in our town.

What are the alternatives and associated costs?

Air source heat pumps are an affordable and effective clean heating and cooling alternative, sourced by electricity. Installation of these systems is actually cheaper than installing gas systems, given state and federal subsidies. With new insulation code requirements, the operating cost of electric heat pumps is comparable for new construction and significant rehabs. For some buildings, ground source heat pumps may be an alternative.

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